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Re'eh Question 3

Weekly Parsha Questions

Re'eh Question 3

Yechiel Shaffer

The Torah introduces us, emphatically, to the prohibition of consuming the blood of an animal:

דברים פרשת ראה פרק יב

כג) רק חזק לבלתי אכל הדם כי הדם הוא הנפש ולא־תאכל הנפש עם־הבשר

23. However, be strong not to eat the blood, for the blood is the soul; and you shall not eat the soul with the flesh.

Why does the Torah suggest that extra care is necessary with this prohibition through the encouragement to ‘be strong’?

What is the blood according to our above verse and therefore why do we have to refrain from eating it?

What does this prohibition suggest on how we should relate to other living animals?