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Re'eh Question 2

Weekly Parsha Questions

Re'eh Question 2

Yechiel Shaffer

The Torah offers us permission to consume meat:

דברים פרשת ראה פרק יב

טו) רק בכל־אות נפשך תזבח ואכלת בשר כברכת יקוק אלהיך אשר נתן־לך בכל־שעריך הטמא והטהור יאכלנו כצבי וכאיל

15. However, in every desire of your soul, you may slaughter and eat meat in all your cities, according to the blessing of the Lord, your God, which He gave you; the unclean and the clean may eat thereof, as of the deer, and as of the gazelle.

What is the meaning of  רק בכל־אות נפשך – ‘However, in every desire of your soul’?

Is the Torah talking of meat with a different status to other meats (see Torah Temimah)?

What is the Jewish attitude towards consuming meat and is there a concern towards consuming meat that isn’t dedicated for sanctified service?

Is the consumption of meat an ideal status or is it permissible only because of the deep desire to consume it?