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Nitzavim Question 1

Weekly Parsha Questions

Nitzavim Question 1

Yechiel Shaffer

In concluding a lengthy covenant the Torah informs us

ניצבים פרק כט

כח) הנסתרת ליקוק אלהינו והנגלת לנו ולבנינו עד־עולם לעשות את־כל־דברי התורה הזאת

28. The hidden things belong to the Lord, our God, but the revealed things apply to us and to our children forever: that we must fulfill all the words of this Torah.

What hidden things are the Torah referring too (See Rashi, Ramban, R’ Hirsch, Kesav Hakaballah for interesting comments)?

What mission does this empower the Jewish people to focus on?

While examining history, how have we done with this instruction?

One of the suggestions is that the hidden refers to the thoughts of men, this being a reassurance to us that G-d will not punish us for the thoughts of one man. How does this opinion frame our thoughts? How should it impact the things we think about?