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Bo Question 1

Weekly Parsha Questions

Bo Question 1

Yechiel Shaffer

שמות פרשת בא פרק יב

לה) ובני־ישראל עשו כדבר משה וישאלו ממצרים כלי־כסף וכלי זהב ושמלת

35. And the children of Israel did according to Moses’ order, and they borrowed from the Egyptians silver objects, golden objects, and garments.

How could the Jews ‘borrow’ the precious items of the Egyptian people?

The Rashbam indicates the the word וישאלו could also mean ‘they asked’ – what would the Jewish people ask the Egyptians for? Why would this request be a rightful request? Are they Jews owed wages?

How does this frame our feelings on the years of persecution and pogrom against the Jews?