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Beshalach Question 1

Weekly Parsha Questions

Beshalach Question 1

Yechiel Shaffer

As the Jews are hurrying to leave Egypt, we are informed:

שמות פרשת בשלח פרק יג

יט) ויקח משה את־עצמות יוסף עמו כי השבע השביע את־בני ישראל לאמר פקד יפקד אלהים אתכם והעליתם את־עצמתי מזה אתכם

19. Moses took Joseph’s bones with him, for he [Joseph] had adjured the sons of Israel, saying, God will surely remember you, and you shall bring up my bones from here with you.

Why is Moshe concerned at this moment with the bones of Yosef?

If the bones of Yosef are with the Jewish people as they exit Egypt, what does that transform the Exodus into?

What similar custom do we invoke at a funeral, that the Jews experienced a the red sea?

If the entire exodus was actually a funeral procession for Yosef, how does that transform our perspective on the leaving of Egypt?