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Vayishlach Question 1

Weekly Parsha Questions

Vayishlach Question 1

Yechiel Shaffer

At the moment that Yaakov and Eisav are reunited the Torah describes their first interaction:

בראשית פרשת וישלח פרק לג

ד) וירץ עשו לקראתו ויחבקהו ויפל על־צוארו וישקהו ויבכו

4. And Esau ran toward him and embraced him, and he fell on his neck and kissed him, and they wept.

When one examines the word וַֹיִֹשָֹׁקֵֹהֹוֹּ ‘and he kissed’ it is written with dots over it. These are not by chance.

Why does the Torah include these dots (see Rashi)?

Commonly we say that the dots indicate that Eisav went to bight Yaakov rather then kiss him, how does Rashi interpret this incident differently and what does it teach about brotherly love?