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Noach Question 2

Weekly Parsha Questions

Noach Question 2

Yechiel Shaffer

Towards the conclusion of chapter 11 we are told:

ל) ותהי שרי עקרה אין לה ולד

30. And Sarai was barren; she had no child.

Why does the Torah have to stress her lack of a child?

Many of the commentaries discuss the repetition and suggest that we are gaining insight into the motivation of Avraham and Sarah to impact their world. What context does this stress on her inability to have children put their work in Chessed?

Sarah is a model of grace and belief in God. Her having children is inconceivable yet her commitment to God and the creation of an Abrahamic nation is resolute. How did her impact reach beyond her immediate family and what do we learn from her psychical disabilities that she overcomes?