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I spy some Mitzvos?

Lev Avos Blog

Exploring Tanach while reflecting on parenthood

I spy some Mitzvos?

Yechiel Shaffer


Parshas Shelach is divided into two sections.

The narrative of the spies and then the presentation of 3 Mitzvos (the separation of Challah [15:20], the tieing of Tzitzis [15:38], and the requirement to protect from straying of the eyes/heart after earthly desires [15:39]).

Why is the Parsha called by the name 'Shelach' which is a reference to the tragic narrative in the Parsha of the spies, rather then the section which is rich with Mitzvos?

How does the word 'Shelach' enrich our understanding of the both the story of the spies and the Mitzvos that follow this tragic narrative?