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A Poem for Grandpa Max

Lev Avos Blog

Exploring Tanach while reflecting on parenthood

A Poem for Grandpa Max

Yechiel Shaffer


My Grandpa Max - By Elisheva Levitt

My grandpa Max
A finer man you'll never meet
So sweet and so gentle
Spending time with him was a treat

He lived a long and good life
Filled with joy and satisfaction
He took pride and delight
In his children's every action

Grandpa worked hard
He provided well
He enjoyed life's treasured moments
And over hardships never did dwell

Grandpa was proud
He was astute and courageous
His laughter and his smile
They were all so contagious

He took every day
With small steps of joy
He delighted in nothing more
Than to call his son (my dad Ian) 'boy'

Grandpa was caring and devoted
He taught us that we should be proud
We should not take life for granted
We should always care for all those around

He was a good man
He left a special legacy behind
He's now with Gd in peace
And the memory of him is a treasure we find

Whenever we struggle
Or have difficulty in our life
We will think of grandpa's kindness
Of his love for his wife
We'll think of his charm
And of his devotion
It will guide us through happy or tough times
Or any sort of emotion

Goodbye my sweetest grandfather
I was so lucky to know you for so long
I know you are watching and protecting us
And that's how we'll stay strong

Rest in peace now Grandpa Max
Your family loves you very much
Know that you'll be missed
Especially since all our lives you really touched